White industry eno disc wheel

I built a pretty nice white industry eno disc hub wheel for Carrie's super nice singlespeed Yeti. I was a bit apprehensive as there is alot that could go wrong with an eccentric wheel and an eccentric disc mount. But it was a really well engineered product and it went together really smoothly. It was a big relief as Carrie had an early morning ride hinging on my ability to finish the build.

The hub is beautifully finished and really solid. I built it up with 14/15/14 spokes and a velocity VXC disc rim. I love building with velocity rims as they are really true out of the box. I was able to get it up to really high even tension quickly and since it was so straight to start with it is by far the truest wheel I have ever built.

I am building up a matching front with a Paul Fhub disc and the same rim as Carrie is afflicted with blinglespeeditis. Her punishment? A 17 pound bike:


bw said...

Nice! I'd love to see a review on the hub after some good use. The idea seems good, and solves the vertical dropout problem, but it just makes me a little nervous. Which is kind of funny since most of my bike parts come from the dump...

carrie said...

I love it! just has a couple of rides in it, but I'll keep ya posted :)

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!!!