Aida Mae Saleh


Weighing in at 8 pounds 11 oz and 21.75" in lenghth our little girl was born yesterday. She is great!

If you want baby news, surf over to babynogblog I should have copious photos posted started saturday or so. No internet access at the hospital.

If you are looking for bikes/cats/etc. I think I have a couple guest bloggers lined up for the next couple of weeks while I take a break. So keep on checking in.


Maureen said...

YAY baby girl is here! Congratulations to you three!

Chad said...

Congrats!!!! Glad to hear that she's great!

How do you say her name fu-net-i-cally?

Margo said...

She's perfect, and her name even rhymes...!! Congrats!

Andy R said...

Wonderful! Congratulations to you both! Welcome baby girl!

cyclofiend said...

That's just perfect. Wonderful to you all! Congratulations, best of luck and may all unfold gloriously!

cyclotourist said...

Congratulations to all! Beautiful little picture!

bikesandtools said...

Congratulations, guys! When does she get her first bike?


Charlie Choo said...

Welcome to the world, Aida!!!! Your mama and daddy are the BEST!!!!... enjoy!

Antoine said...

She is beautiful!

The thing that always amazed me when my three were babies is how cute and tiny their lips were when they were content or asleep, almost like a porcelain doll's mouth. That same aperture can expand to the size of a large grapefruit when they are displeased!

Jerome said...

Congratulations! My little girt is almost 4 months old and she has me wrapped around her little finger. They are so precious and so great. Life is made so much more fulfilling with children. I'm happy for you.

Lee and Petra said...

Congratulations, guys! She is beautiful. Welcome to the world, Aida!

Me said...

Congrats, Tarek!!!!

Wow, just got the Comcast hooked up here in the Land-O'-The-Backyard-Chicken, and WHAM: this news!!

Best of Everything to you, Le Child, and Ze Wife!


Boxer Bikes said...


She's a beauty and you should be proud parents, eh?

Fairley said...

What a beautiful baby -- and a lovely name!! Congratulations to you three --- happy days. Hugs, Fairley & Don

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Remember the proper order to raising a pro bike racer is BMX, mountain bike, Cross, then Road racing. We are so happy for you. Enjoy some time off. It will be the best days of your life.

Chad and Dorothy
Des Moines, Iowa

Tarik Saleh said...

Yay indeed!

It is more or less pronounce "Ida" not quite, but not aaaeeeeda either. To pronounce it correctly I would need to remove your tounge...

Thank you! I think it only rhymes with a common mispronouncing of my last name, but I am too tired to tell!

Andy, Cyclofiend, Cyclotourist
Thanks thanks thanks

She has a little radio flyer 4 wheel kick scooter already that elena and I bought for her maybe a year and a half ago, but like I sez, I am looking for a Schwinn Lil chick for the first pedal bike and will pick up a Lik-a-bike or clone when she starts walking! I already have two ways to carry her on bikes so we are on the right foot!

Thanks Pal!I hope to be half the dad you are.

She has already demonstrated the doll lips to grapefruit wail. Very impressive.

I follow your bike and baby travails on flickr. Good stuff the younglings are.

Lee and petra,
Thanks so much!

Thanks buddy, I am glad that you still talk to me now that you are a hip portlander, poach a neighbors chicken for me!

Boxer bikes,
Thanks, we are very proud and only slightly less clueless than when she was born.

Thanks so much!

Chad and dorothy
Thanks for the clarification on infant to pro racing protocol. I already have schemed out a plan to carry baby and her bike out to the bmx track on the big dummy so she can get some hot laps in...

Dave Lane said...

Congratulations! All your friends at the Zoo (both those who actually work there and those of us who just pretend we do) send our warmest regards.

Wendy said...

Congratulations Tarik and Elena! What do the cats think about their new little sister?