Don't Drink & Blog...

Hi everyone, sorry about that last post, or at least the way it ended. How pathetic is that to comment on my own writing not once but twice. And to have leveled with you not twice but thrice! What can I say, I was drunk not just with wine but also with the joy of blogging here at Moscaline, which I consider to be the best blog in the world. I can't promise it won't happen again but I assure you I am not now imbibing and this post should be coherent from start to finish.


So let's get to it! Here in Iowa we are enjoying what would reportedly be called Women's Summer in Russia and I am finding it most agreeable. I have been working outside this week, building a porch for one of Tarik's favorite cyclists, and it has been nice to soak up a little more warm sun even as talk turns to winter and snow and skiing.

For those of you who enjoy cycle touring, I alert you to this adventure which should be beginning any day now. Mauro is a most likeable Brasilian man living in Iowa City and he is about to embark on a one year ride to Brasil.
This is him with his custom Teesdale with its custom Brasilian flag paintjob and one of his daughters. Mauro is really tall and went for the 26 inch wheel so the bike looks pretty crazy, plus the super upright aero set up. He said they had to use tandem cables for the rear derailler and brake. The bike looks to weigh in at 45 pounds (yay centerstand!) with no gear or water, which will set him back another 90 pounds or so. Stout wheels required!


lemmiwinks said...

Hey, nothin' wrong with a bit of PUI (posting under the influence). *hic*

Tarik Saleh said...

I agree, I was half awake and or half drunk during almost all of the first 100 or so posts of this blog. Keep on keeping on. Build the hell out of the perch for that fast feller!