icy green tomatos

Had a pretty hard frost on Monday which killed all the veggies. So I picked all the green tomatoes. I got about 10 good ripe ones this year out of 5 plants, I must improve the soil next year, but I sure got a pile of green ones.

I made some fried green tomatoes by dipping them in breadcrumbs salt and pepper and pan frying them in olive oil. They were OK, but not great.

So I used the rest in a couple of big batches of green tomato salsa. I used this recipe but just threw in unpeeled and quartered green tomatoes instead of canned or ripe ones and cooked it a little bit longer.

It is delicious, if not aesthetically pleasing. I may freeze a bit of it in ice cube trays for use in eggs over the winter.


wildtomato said...

I do have a bunch of green tomatoes hanging onto the plant that have no hope of achieving redness, so perhaps a green salsa is the answer.

Aili said...

the ice cube salsa idea is great; I will have to try that!

Tarik Saleh said...


The salsa cubes worked out great so far. Froze well, I packed em 2-3 cubes per baggie in the freezer so I can dump them in eggs for flavoring:

Aili said...

i may have some green tomatoes after all - I brought the patio tomato plant into the kitchen now that it is getting cold at night, but the remaining tomatoes don't seem to be turning red.