Due to impending major additions to the household, we kicked the cats out of the third bedroom and converted a closet to a cat loft/litter cave. With lights and fan. I did the design, but am pretty swamped, so we were glad to find a local handyman to do the demolition and rebuild. He also hung a door so we can put the kitties away at night in the large carport converted into a laundry room/mudroom/catroom/studio.

More or less what the closet looked like before, this is the one next to the one we converted

The plans!

Finished closet, see switches for light and fan in the bottom right

Feedthroughs to facilitate cat movement

Wink 256 and Deeeeee model the finished catty corner

more cat cave pics


wenmei said...

Those are some very lucky kitties! We just kicked Cowboy out of the nursery, and later the play room. And now Zachary likes to either shut Cowboy in his crate or crawl in the crate himself. The back yard is still all Cowboy though.

Ramshackler Julia said...

Wow! That looks great. It's a cat's life indeed. We could use some good plans at our house.

Tarik Saleh said...

Wenmei, Julia,

I think if I was shorter I would sleep on the top shelf there. It is much cozier than anticipated. We are about to rock their little cushy lives pretty hard, so the least we could do is give them a nice corner to replace their bedroom.

wrenchy said...

The feedthroughs are the product of pure genius!

Anonymous said...

Impending major additions?

If that means what I think it means... congratulations!

If the additions are not biological, consider it.

You'd both perform admirably in new roles, I am sure.


wildtomato said...

Wrenchy is right: those cat feedthroughs are genius.

(BTW, Wrenchy is Perry incognito, and this is Stacy.)

Tarik Saleh said...

Holy crap,
Wrenchy and wildtomato, How could I not have realized who you were earlier. Where are you guys? Whats up? How do I get a fez for my cats? When Are you visiting. Email me, Dammit.