Racks racks racks

The rack revolution is going strong. Check out the work at this past weekend's insufferably cool Oregon Manifest - alex w's photos here among others about the net. Almost every bike there seems to have some sweet custom racks. Maybe I will go there next year.

Some other nice racks I have seen of late.

From suckapants.com, a great blog (often not safe for work ) running the gamut from music to bikes to exploring the abandoned margins of the american urban experience or something, I saw this very sturdy looking rack probably used originally for clearing cows off railroad tracks:

Click for source post and original image "Punk aint dead, it just rides a bicycle now"

From my bedroom window yesterday, I spotted this rack:

Not a rack, but I wanted to install this very cool narrow basket on my bike:

But elena made me put it in the bathroom:

Yes Jill, racks are the new chickens.


Mark Bishop said...

Are all of your magazines single use and sealed for my sanitation?

Anonymous said...


Is that a 12-point rack (14?) behind the fence? It's nicer than the two-pointer in the bathroom, sorry to say.

I bet it could hold magazines too, but would stick out way too far from the wall. Not as practical.

It's too bad they get gnawed away for minerals by the critters when they are shed.