Need a bigger bow saw

Los Alamos had a big forest fire in 2000, the result is that there are a ton of burnt standing and fallen trees in the area. The trees are good and dead, but usually the main trunk of the tree is excellent burning material. You can buy a wood cutting/gathering permit from the forest service for 20 bucks for 5 cords of wood a year so you can heat your home. We don't have a wood stove yet, but will get an insert this year or next. The wood gathering helps clear out the deadwood and transfer the fuel load off the mountains and into neat piles next to your home.

My buddy Adam and I went up into the mountains to retrieve a load of wood. Unlike the rest of the much more efficient wood gatherers we used only hand tools. They got more wood, but we made far less noise. Here are some pics and videos of the enterprise. We will go gather more meagre amounts of fuel when we become less sore. We pretty much suck at this and need bigger bow saws...

The inadequate handtools of doom!

Interesting Wood bugs abounded

Aspen field, roots lived creating the new growth, we dropped a big standing dead aspen, we are morons:

The day's haul

Ash blackened rubes

My half of the haul

Need the bigger bow saw

I made a pretty good pile of wood

Mostly aspen and ponderosa pine. Next more gathering and more sawing and perhaps some splitting action.


Jim G said...

What you NEED is a 36-inch saw blade that you can build into a rear wheel for the Big Dummy. Deck-mounted human-powered blenders? -- NAH, we're talkin' tree-sawin', firewood-makin', pedal-powered BUZZ SAWS OF DOOM.

Boxer Bikes said...

Your look of surprise as the log splits off and falls into the wheel barrow is funny.
Nice wood score.

We will add to our woodpile tomorrow

Marrock said...

You need to make a couple X stands and get a proper saw before you do yourself some damage.

Jerome said...

What you need is a 63cc Stihl Chain saw. Power man, power. That may just be me though. I'm generally quite lazy.

I rode through Loa Amos a 2 weeks ago. If I was in such a rush I'd have seen if you were up for a bike ride. Very nice part of the world you live in. Very different than where I live.


Tarik Saleh said...


Yeah, deck mounted buzzsaw for rough cuts, table saw for finish work! I will get right on it...

Yeah, I thought had a quarter way to go...

X stands are on the agenda. Bow saw or no saw I sez! I don't really care for chainsaws, and can easily borrow them when I need em.

Yeah, bow saw or no saw...
Drop me a line if you are in the area again, We can do some riding or some such...

christian said...

Doesn't your work for the man allow you access to high powered lasers and concentrating mirrors and whatnot? You could slice acres at a time.

Anonymous said...

enjoying the blogging. I know that you don't probably want the chain saw, but check this out. I've used one and it works great. Also check out the two man saw on the same site.


Marrock said...

I never suggested a chainsaw, damn silly things anyway, but you can get a larger bow saw.

Something built a bit better so it can take more abuse... because your saw handling skills are just that, abusive. :p

It can get ugly when a cheap saw comes apart on you.

Hugh said...

Guys I think ye are fantastic!! Honestly. I thought I was nearly the ONLY one who bothers to stand a silent protest against chain-saws and fossil fuel using tools and machines.
I provide I'd say, AT LEAST 75% of my house's annual heat, from picking up road-side wood, branches, storm-downed trees etc. Never *live* trees.
1. Tarik, you are FAR healthier for having cut, hauled, cut again, chopped up, and hauled again, ALL that wood. My girlfriend really likes my upper torso from all the random wood gathering/manual labour, gardening that I do. :)

2. Yes, you're DEAD right. LOTS less noise.
3. A LOT less dangerous.
4. No FUEL needed.
5. Chainsaws are still heavy awkward, and dangerous sonsabitches. They STILL require humping, holding and hauling them around. They weigh a ton. They stick and jam. Both hands are required, so you can't use one hand to steady a log/branch. And they still make you sweat, but your increased breathing makes you take in a lot more of those fumes.
6. You are then actually DEPRIVED a really great work-out which all the manual labour affords you.
7. Some people use the chain saw to cut. Then they go to a gym to perform the same motions which they would have got from doing it all manually. I ask you?!?!
8. These people use double time to do what we do by using a job for exercise/using exercise to do a job.

It's called MANUAL LABOUR. And God Bless it. It's what we were designed for. And you're not polluting nor wasting fossil fuels.

Anybody know any tool/device (manual of course) for chopping up large amounts of small twigs/light branches all at once?? Besides bunching them together, and using an axe?? Something like a guillotine from the French revolution maybe?!?!
Seriously though, anyone know of something for this, besides cutting up each little branch/twig with a lopper/shears, for your kindling???

Hugh said...

Sorry Tarik,
I forgot to say, most importantly too...that was a GREAT haul for a day's lumbering together. Even if you were to have used chainsaws, it was still a very nice catch.
You've got a good few months burning there mate. Great just for one day's gathering.
I know you're sore, but see the way it will have developed your body, and strengthened you up.
I always, think of it as a paying-work-out. Instead of having to PAY for your work-out!!

Well done though. Great haul, ESPECIALLY for doing it all manually.
I salute you!!

Hugh, Cork, Ireland.