Road finds of the week, Baseball!

Muddy baseball found on the UNM-LA parking lot. Just in time for the LCS. The third baseball I have found in the street in Los Alamos this year!

And speaking of baseball, Elena and I have been doing dome serious playoff couch surfing of late. A few things I am impressed with so far this playoff season.
1. Somehow I never noted Craig Sager or his suits before. I guess I don't watch much sports anymore. Just awesome.
2. The return of Casey Blake. I enjoyed watching him play in the post season last year for the Indians, and I am enjoying watching him again this year with the Dodgers. He appears to be very tall and smooth fielding at third while also packing some power at the plate. His stats tell a slightly different story. A-Rod he ain't, but anyone who looks like a hired gun for the House of David Barnstormers is a-OK by me.
3. The array of sidearmer/submariners in the playoffs this year. Boston has Lopez and Masterson, the rays have Chad Bradford who has craziest delivery I have ever seen, he pretty much scrapes his hand on the mound as he pitches. That plus the Brad Lidge Slidermatic, Paplebon's geeked out intensity and knuckler Wakefield's planned start tonight makes for pretty good playoff pitcher watching.

Back to road finds, also found recently was this 1950 silver dime that I dug up while planting tulips.

Probably been in the dirt there beside the house since shortly after it was built. Buried treasure!


cyclotourist said...

stupid dodgers let me down... again.

Tarik Saleh said...

At least your guys made it to the post season this year, Elena and I are left out this year:

cyclotourist said...

well, yeah, I suppose that's valid...