Guests in the House of Moscaline

Before we introduce ourselves we must give a big congratulations to Elena & Tarik and say howdy-do to little lady, Aida Mae. We're pretty excited about this whole thing.

While Tarik perfects his diaper-changing skilz, gpickle & I will be filling in.

Mostly because I promised Tarik a photo months ago but also because cargo bikes are simply cool machines, here is one of our stable, sitting in the entryway of my studio with a high quality, dual-sided beasty bell on its handlebar. Said bell given to us by none other than the recently babified author of this blog. (Thanks again. We heart it!)

P.S. Happy to be here!


alex wetmore said...

First off, congrats to Tarik.

Cody -- Who made that bike? Do you have a larger photo of it? It looks sort of like a Bilenky, but they don't have the vertical head tube.

My sort of similar homemade cycle truck is off being powder coated now.

Cody G. said...

Hi Alex,
This cargo bike was made locally (Iowa City, IA) by a bicycle/motorcycle/car mechanic whiz named Chrispi. He has made several that I know of but hasn't made an enterprise of frame building.

I almost sent mine off for a powder coat a coupla years ago but decided to do a rattle can job myself instead. It has now earned some major touch up areas, so perhaps that powder coat is still in its future...

My apologies for the cruddy cell phone pic. I will do a more in-depth post about it with better photos.

(I also like to call mine "the work truck." People often think I'm joking but seriously!)