Wink256, gratuitous

Post bath:

With his pet boy:

wishing a happy anniversary to us:


Mark Bishop said...

Woo Hoo!

Happy Anniversary! I knew it was coming up, but couldn't remember what day.

gpickle said...

It's easy to remember, the anniversary is the day before my birthday!

Happy days to you two and I hope you make it three (humans) real soon!

Always nice to see see the Winker

Olyfixie said...

Hey, you're pregnant! Our hearty, Northwest crunchy congratulations!

Marrock said...

Congrats on the anniversity and on the impending kidness... though I must say, Wink looks wholly unimpressed, even for one of the feline persuasion.

christian said...

the anniversary and kid and everything are wonderful...but why did the cat have a bath? skunk?