Wellgo WAM-D10 Pedal Review

Best pedal ever.

No really, it has some downsides, but WAM-d10 where you been all my life.

I have size 12 feet, I do not like riding longer distances on anything but clipless pedals or BMX pedals. I find almost all quill and platform pedals inadequate. I was looking for a two sided pedal (clipless on one side, flat pedal on the other) that had a suitably large platform for my fixie. These are they. I can ride them in my bike shoes, or my dress shoes, or my birkenstocks, no problem.

The good:
  • completely 100% compatable with shimano sh51 SPD cleats. Hugely important when braving the wellgo waters.
  • Nice big bmx platform on one side with removable pins
  • magnesium, so it is hella light

    The bad:
  • The integration of the clipless mechanism is a bit clunky, but it works fine, even if you ride with flat shoes on the clipless side.
  • The pedal has a bit more play than I would like, but at 2000 plus dusty miles they are still smooth and working fine.
  • Mg? hella expensive, I think they were 70 bucks through my LBS ordered through QBP, not cheap for a townie pedal, but what is too much for a pedal that is the best ever? BUT I think nashbar has theses rebranded for on sale for 29 or so in their catalog if you shop catalogs.Nashbar Highlanders
  • You probably will need to shave some lugs off the cleat region of your shoe so you can engage the pedal.

    If you hate bmx pedals, get something else. If you love bmx pedals and want a flip flop pedal these are the only option and they work great. Far superior to the shimano dx type pedals for riding with flat shoes. The shimano doublesided platform clipless pedals are great for cross and mtb'n when you want a stable unclicked in platform for quick bail outs, when you want to be able to pedal when clogged for mud and for quick short trips in flat shoes, but they are not completely flat and uncomfy for longer trips with flat pedals. The WAM-D10 are great for a thirty mile ride in with flip flops. If you can handle BMX pedals.

    Anonymous said...

    Do you have any experience with the Shimano PD-M324? It has a smaller, more traitional size. I'm debating between the Wellgo and that.


    Anonymous said...

    Great review. Agreed. Best pedal ever!