Apricots and the Spectral Child

The apricots are in full bloom again, Started 3/26

Full on apricot bloomage

We usually have at least one hard freeze and a snowstorm when the apricot flowers are in bloom, small chance of snow on sunday, so we shall see if we can set the fruit before the flowers are destroyed.

The apricots flowers make nice cuttings and attract the spectral child, haunting the realm of the shutter lag.

The spectral child



of my NM based existence.


Two weeks ago these tiny cones were not open. But they were damn near vibrating they were so ready to pop.


Today, they are most definitely open and spreading demon Juniper seed into the air, afflicting me with the dreaded spring seasonal allergies. Dammit.


Seen while on a hike at Tsankawi, part of Bandelier National Monument,


More photos from that day here


A payment of sort


The mule deer left a nice antler in the yard for us. Sort of makes up for them taking out the aspen, eating all the fruit trees, the grapes, the tomatoes, pooping everywhere, etc. etc.

I have tolerated the mule deer as they are too big to do anything about short of shooting them or building a really tall expensive fence. I am no longer contemplating taking up bow hunting. For the time being.

A normal summer morning in our yard:
Luminous fuzzy horns