First night time commute of the season

Its been a rough couple weeks at work, lots of weird hours and bonus lightning round laptop work at home, but I have managed to mostly keep my commuting to hours where the sun shines, or just after it dips behind the mountains, so I have not needed to use my lights yet this season, until tonight. I had to finish something tonight, so I did and rode home in the gosh darn surely pitch black of night at around 8:30 pm. It was a lovely night for it. Warm, with patches of really cold air blasting down the mountain heading for an overnight inversion layer in the valley below.
I spied a pair of reflecty eyes off in the woods on the way home, probably mule deer, most likely not mountain lion, but a nonzero chance of chupacabras. There was no traffic to speak of. I got this great picture of me riding beneath the beauty enhancing glow of street lights.

nighttime commute, firstun of the year

I try to grin when i ride at night so the car's headlights reflect off my teeth.

I have been riding the Schwinn breeze all week as I have been pretty much heading straight in to work 3 miles and then coming home three miles at the end of the day with no lunch trips or offsite visits or nuthing. It has basket and fenders and for some reason is the only currently belit bike. I need to figure out my winter light inventory again. Some things are brewing on the bike front, but best just try to make em happen before reporting. I am trying to replace that which is unridden, with that which is. Sound good? Ok then. Back to the sleep.


The Velocanoose

I started another blog for short one liner photo posts, mostly links, probably all bikes. I will try to keep moscaline rolling with longer posts with the occasional shorter one thrown in, mostly bikes, but also cats, travel, life, house, etc... But maybe not as often or oftener. But check out the Velocanoose if you want miniposts, thats where they will be for sure

Also, I might like some co-conspirators. Email me if interested, I will not accept just anyone. Let me know who you are and why you are a master of the title-photo- sentence(link) format for bicycle knowledge.

Finally, Velocanoose is from a David Bowie song, really. Go ahead, listen to all of his catalog. It is in there somewhere. It may or may not be on Hunky Dory, the best album ever, but you should listen to it anyway just to make sure. Listen to it again. If you can't find it, maybe you should go and get the wild the innocent and the E street shuffle and see if it is there.




Can I ride it?

I had this bike until 04. I left it in knoxville. It came back. Thanks to levers, pullies, horse trading, bike zooistas and kindness of my buddy Jason.

Thank you Jason!

I built it up. Elena looks at it and first words out of her mouth are


"can I ride it?"

I am a lucky feller.