The Velocanoose

I started another blog for short one liner photo posts, mostly links, probably all bikes. I will try to keep moscaline rolling with longer posts with the occasional shorter one thrown in, mostly bikes, but also cats, travel, life, house, etc... But maybe not as often or oftener. But check out the Velocanoose if you want miniposts, thats where they will be for sure

Also, I might like some co-conspirators. Email me if interested, I will not accept just anyone. Let me know who you are and why you are a master of the title-photo- sentence(link) format for bicycle knowledge.

Finally, Velocanoose is from a David Bowie song, really. Go ahead, listen to all of his catalog. It is in there somewhere. It may or may not be on Hunky Dory, the best album ever, but you should listen to it anyway just to make sure. Listen to it again. If you can't find it, maybe you should go and get the wild the innocent and the E street shuffle and see if it is there.


OmarSaleh said...

what, so now I have to put moscaline, your flickr set, and Velocanoose into my feed reader?

This is some sort of serial-publishing scam to drive up page views, isn't it?

Tarik Saleh said...

You do not HAVE to do anything. But if you want to derive the full benefit of reading the TARIKSALEH publishing empire you should do just that, and send a monthly check for $3.82 to
PO box 208, 87544.

Enlightenment will follow in 16-24 months.
Void where prohibited.

Kent Peterson said...

This is pretty much what folks are doing on Twitter and Facebook these days. Twitpic + 140 chars or less & maybe a link has replaced "here's the sammich I just ated."

I'm gonna make my fortune on something briefer than Twitter

Tarik Saleh said...


Yeah, but everything about twitter and reading it is clunky with lots of hidden links and the like. Same with facebook. You can't just go look at it. Damn kids. I think there was a good comic about replacing twitter and in fact all communication with one word max grunts. I think I even tweeted it. It may have been my only one.

Damn new media.