On the Tall Bikes

My internet acquaintance David "dirtysixer" started a company dirtysixer to make 36'er mtb's for really tall people. Bikes debuted at Sea Otter and look really good for those of youse in the 6'6" or taller height bracket. David sent along some photos:

6'10" looking balanced on the 36'er


6'5" wheelie machine


Pretty cool and pretty normal looking. David also pointed out to me that there are now some better than corker 36er tire options. Specifically a newish tire from former Los Alamos denizen Walt W. of Waltworks.

Waltworks 36er tire


Which to me looks like a 36er game changer. No more relying on super heavy, no tread unicycle tires. It kind of looks like the WTB nanoraptor in some ways which was THE tire that really made 29ers viable. Good stuff David and Walt. The moscaline bike compound has no 36ers yet, but I did really enjoy careening around on one at night after a couple tasty beverages at one of the SSWWC durango 2009.

I am glad to see a bike like this for the very tall, as I am tired of seeing NBA players on odd fitting cannondales or people ordering stems like this just to get a stock bike to fit:

Huge stem

Finally, if you came here looking for the other tall bikes, check out this:

Yeah! More info the at the LA streets blog