Skateboarding and Ukuleles

I used to skate for transportation and to work a fair bit when I lived in Oakland and Berkeley. It was easy to do multi-modal commuting with a skateboard and the riding down hill after work was fun. I have no skills to speak of other than I rarely fall off the board unaided by cars. After that last incident I have not skated, but maybe I should skate to work this year. My commute is not too bad for that. I can take some shortcuts on foot through the woods to cut out the crappy bits. It would be a bit easier on a longboard, but I think I can hack it pretty well on my regular board with the fat wheels. I did more than a few 5 mile plus long hauls on it in the past.

Anyhow, check out these guys longboarding through peru and bolivia. All sorts of silly. I would do it on a bike, but I really enjoyed this. I also am pleased that they brought a uke along.

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Speaking of Ukes. Here is some holiday ukulele singing with Aida and my Nephew. We are singing some rube waddell.

Finally, check out this:

Wooo! Thems are skills. Great shooting and editing to go along with this. I sent Brett Novak a few bucks to keep good stuff like this coming. Check out the rest of the his excellent stuff on vimeo and on his website

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Lee said...

Nice Rube Waddell reference! I used to see them and other bands in front of the Leeds shoe store. My friend Jimmy used to rent a generator and have bands play there. Now it's a Sketchers store.

Tarik Saleh said...

yeah, I used to see them there too, when I lived in the bay area, I think leeds is where I "discovered" them. I saw them in knoxville TN a few times too when I lived there. Good stuff indeed.

Joe said...

That is an EPIC longboard ride. I ave a couple longboards and have commuted on them a few times. I haven't even been on them in over a year. I should probably get some new bearings in them ride them again this year. Avoid wheel-bite!!!

Joe in Iowa

lemmiwinks said...

I bought myself a cheaparse skateboard ($12) as an early xmas present in order to relive my yoof. The wheels and bearings are terrible though. You'd think such sloppy bearings would spin great but they don't so I'll have to spring for some new wheels or bearings.