Specialization of the specie

I guess jimg ain't blogging this one, so I am:

Its a long video but gets progressively more surreal as time goes on. Low geared singlespeeds with no brakes on a dirt track with athletes who smoke pre race and motorhead... Everything good, nothing bad.

Also, sidehacks is backs:

Check it out at impakt, they are selling some at WalMart apparently. Guess what I am looking for at garage sales next year. Respect that monkey.


Treasures from the depths of the bicycle dungeon

Ludicrously Big:
Big Big Big
stem details

The work area:
tools and such
and from a bit further back

Broken bike:
Broken seat tube

I think I know what this does, do you?
Any Guesses?
Leave guesses in comments.

Stems ahoy:
Assorted Kelly Stems

Wheels and tires drip from the ceiling:
Bike dungeon

The rest of the broken bike:
Stealth cross bike


Bike rack scares baby

Aida flees the bike rack man

See her flee?

It merely hurts my head. In Albuquerque off of Paseo del Norte somewhere.

I bet this is sold as a 8 bike rack. Maybe only a 4. In reality this is a two bike rack with one of the positions unusable due to the proximity to the street. At least it will still be there when western civilization collapses...

more dumb racks in albuquerque


Ubikequitous 7: Salinger

From this weeks new yorker, 2/8/10

Salinger bikes

J.D. Salinger and family on Moultons in central park.