Rest of the photos from Iowa

Are over at Target Salad on Flikr

I took lots, go check em out.

Chinese bike resources in the works, pesky real life gets in the way...


I choo choo choose

To take too damn many pictures of trains.

See the rest of the set from a fertile hunting day at the Santa Fe station here on Target Salad on Flikr


The Cowgirl Bride of Fausto Coppi

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DesMoines Schwinns

The Schwinn hunting was good in Iowa.

The coveted Town and Country Trike outside the home of the broken Kim. Whats going on with the seatpost there Kim? Are you secretly that tall? Or is the seattube filled with ice which is pushing the seatpost out....

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Spotted in Chad's bike room, the Schwinn mini cruiser. I kept finding these in trashpiles in Oakland with broken seat tubes. I don't think they make the transition from kid bike to adult jumping bike very well. His daughter learned to ride on this one, which is an admirable thing for any bike to achieve.

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There were rumors of more schwinns and cruisers in the basements in both houses, but I never ventured into cold dank basement hell. The surface level stuff was good enough.


Back from Des Moines

I had a great weekend in Iowa. I met many a good person and gave a very well received Chinese Bike Talk at the Iowa Bike Coalition's Bike Night fund raiser. There were about 100 give or take a dozen at the talk, which is at least twice crowd I have ever spoken too. I spent a couple of hours hitting the Iowa Bike Summit and was really impressed with how well developed the bike advocacy is and how well organized things were. Good stuff from Iowa. They even had a full day of talks for city planners and traffic engineers to help make sure facilities are designed appropriately for cyclists.

It was COLD. It was even colder than Los Alamos was last week and it prevented much of the planned outdoor activities. I got a brief hike in and a 10 mile single speed ride around downtown on Sunday. But It was hovering about zero F plus or minus a few degrees all weekend. Sheesh. Lots of time for yakking and drinking epic amounts of coffee, dude.

I will post more this week. i am pooped thanks to spending an unexpected night in Denver on the way home. I will also post some chinese bike resources for those who are interested, probably tomorrow.

I want to thank Mark Wyatt and the rest of the board of the Iowa Bike Coalition for inviting me out and I really want to thank my hosts who helped ferry me around, put me up and feed me all weekend. It was great to meet everyone.

my hosts

From left to right:
Kim Clavicle, Cody and G-Pickle, Bike Iowa's Jen, and Chad VanDenLooeyNyjsVelde. not pictured is Chad's generous wife Dorothy, who was really nice too, but was rocking out at band practice when the photo took place...

Thats some good facial hair there gentlemen.


Iowa bound

Just in case you are in Iowa and don't know yet, I am the featured speaker at the Iowa Bike coalitions Bike Night on January 19th in Des Moines. I will be giving my (soon to be famous in two states) chinese bicycle talk. Details here. If you are going to be there please say hi.


Vast improvement

My good buddy Charlie has offered a vast improvement on the bike dungeon dance party pic in the previous post.

Thanks Pal!


Busy weekend in the bike dungeon

In addition to xc ski and hiking adventures, I spent most of the past weekend down in the bike dungeon. I built 4 wheels, sort of trued a hopelessly taco'd one and waxed two sets of skis. Elena took some photos. I have not photographed the bike dungeon lately. It is somewhat well organized and pretty useful. I like looking at pics of other people's shops so here are some of mine. Full set on flikr here.

Me in the "wax on" phase. Tool boards and bike bench

Wax off phase, from the other direction

Spontaneous dance party to celebrate building all the wheels and waxing the skis


Snow day!

Got up, cleaned an inch of snow/slush off the driveway, rode three miles into work on the MTB in thickening snow. Watched the snow build up as I did work things for a few hours, caught a ride with some co-workers in the work van to a meeting 1 mile closer to home, attended meeting until noon, ran home from meeting (2 miles, 20 minutes), cleared 7 new inches of snow off the driveway. Coworkers apparently stuck in traffic and road closures for 1 hour.

Elena made it home somehow:

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Thats a quarter inch of hat snow in 30 minutes. Pretty good.

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Dec 2007 motion update and year end summary

The december totals were 27 run and 152 bike with 2 times xc skiing and 3 times ice skating.
As the snow and ice was back for the whole month, I put in 70 on the single speed MTB with studded tires, 20 on the raleigh 20 also with studded tires, 50 on the track bike before the snow got too bad and 10 on the fixie friday in santa barbara and a big 5 on the schwinn breeze. I did drive to work twice as it was 10 degrees and I had a massive head cold.

Yearly totals were 2883 bike and 165 run. Not quite what I had hoped but not too shabby. I was aiming for a 3650 bike 365 run year. Travel and the fact that I did virtually no bike training this year kept the bike mileage pretty low. I think the run mileage goal was probably unreasonable given my inability and unwillingness to run more than twice a week anymore. The yearly run total would have been a 2 week total during my collegiate running days, but my knees, well they are not 20 any more.

Just because the numbers look good I am keeping my goal for next year, but upping it to 3660 bike and 366 run as I think there is an extra day in 2008.

Getting my curves on christmas day in Santa Barbara

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During the year I rode my bike to work every day except 4. Three days I was an evil single person per car commuter and once I was a carpooler. Given how crappy the 06-07 winter was and the fact that I rode every day but the carpool during that time, I am pretty proud. I live 3 miles from work which is a bit too far to walk. There is no real public transportation between me and work so it is a drive vs bike decision. Between 8-06 and 8-07 I did not drive my own car to work. When I lived in berkeley and did not have a car I was able to make it up to berkeley labs from emeryville for a year and a half straight with no car. But I had much better public transportation and mixed mode commuting options. So I am pretty proud like I said...

Yearly per bike milage is as follows:
754 on the Single speed MTB, half on studded tires.
720 on the Kelly Fixie, Bones
516 on the Kelly Road bike
277 on the Schwinn Breeze
227 on the Raleigh 20
173 on the fixie friday
162 on the bridgestone picnica
52 on the Kelly Cross bike
2 on the wedding tandem

Almost 1900 miles of the yearly mileage was on single speeds.

When I look at the per bike list, I am a bit flummoxed on how to contract the bike numbers. And in fact, I am getting at least 1 possibly 2 new bikes this year (Kogswell PR and possibly a Surly Big Dummy). One of the easy fixes would to get a Bike Friday Tikit to replace both my fixie friday and the picnica as it could serve as a travel bike and a "throw in the car and ride around santa fe while elena shops" bike. However, I think derailers on folding bikes are a really really dumb idea and I am not really that excited about the tikit until they make it easily compatible with internal gear and single speed hubs.

All the other bikes have their purpose and the cross bike is used for racing even if I don't do quite as much of it as I used to. It would have gotten more mileage this year but I got married in the middle of cross season and somehow skipped alot of races in the wedding/honeymoon phase. Biking is a pretty good hobby though, so I don't mind having lots of bikes...

On the other motion activities, in 2007 I went xc skiing 21 times, ice skating 16 times and swimming 3 or 4 times.

I raced "real" races 10 times last year ranging from snow shoeing, xcski, mountain bike, duathlon, road bike, cyclocross. I also did 7 short training time trials and one run-swim training duathlon. I like racing...

Overall it was a good bikey and runny year. I will do it again next year. Also I am not burnt out on milage tracking yet, so I will keep up with the reports.

Here is the summary for the last few years:
2003: 2880 bike 128 run
2004: 3667 bike 252 run
2005:~3000 bike ~250 run (10 months tracked, 2 months estimated)
2006:~4000 bike ~100 run (estimate)
2007: 2883 bike 165 run


Still a bike shop in Los Alamos

I was under the impression that our only bike shop was out of business. But nope, it just moved down the road to the shopping center where the DMV is. Website here.

Joel out in front of Caballo bike and Ski

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So far the new shop looks really good and I wish Joel the best of luck on his new start. Bike shops in Los Alamos have not had a great track record. It is nice not to have to drive to Santa Fe to get a tube or tire. Update, Caballo went under in 2010 or so.


Well done old chaps! Well done!

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Over on Coops (not safe for work anymore) blog there is a nice little post about a new years vintage vehicle holiday excursion. See the safe for work post here.

The vintage highwheeler folk crack me up. I am glad to see that they are included in a vintage car looking event.


Sept-Oct-Nov 2007 Motion Update

Whoops, I think I have forgotten to put the motion update in for the last 4 months. Lazy lazy lazy.

Here is the scoop on 9-10-11 2007, I will post shortly the 12-07 update and the year end summary.

September 2007
Up there in Canada bonita on Labor Day

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216 miles bike, 24 miles running. Two trips conspired to keep daily milage down, the fixie friday saved me from having a complete crap month. 62 miles on bones, the main fixie and 65 miles on the friday. About 40 on the breeze, 20 on the road bike, and 15 each on the MTB and the picnica. Yearly totals of 2288 bike and 120 run.I broke my year long no driving to work streak as I had to work half a day and then go to the airport from work. Crap. I think that was 8-06 through 9-07 without car commuting save one carpool in 1-07. Not too shabby...

October 2007
Dirt road riding on the picnica in Nambe in October

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290 bike, 12 run. Oooff. The yearly milage not quite making the grade for the 3650 for the year. For reasons I cannot remember I hit a massive 87 miles on the Raleigh 20. About 60 on the main fixie, 50 on the friday fixie and 40ish on the cross bike getting ready for cross season. 20 each on the picnica and the mtb, 7 on the breeze. Elena and I got married on the 20th and we put about 2 miles on the marital tandem before it was put in dry dock for repairs. Yearly totals of 2578 bike and 132 run.

Nov 2007
Too damn cold to road bike near 10,000 feet in november

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153 bike and 6 run. Yeah yeah, I was in Singapore and Bali for the first 12 days of the month with no miles biking or running. So overall not terrible, right? I managed 95 on the bonsey fixie, 15 on both the breeze and the road bike, 10 on the cross bike and the mountainbike and 8 miles on the picnica. Yearly totals of 2731 and 138. I also went XC skiing once and ice skating twice. The winter, she has begun!

OK, I will post the December totals and year end summary soon. Oh the suspense.


More gooder...

Much like the last 10 years or so my new years resolution is as follows:

More Gooder Less Badder, More Thinner Less Fatter

That and ride more.

Allrighty have a good new year everyone.

Elena and me up there on the mountain on a new years eve snowshoe hike

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