So, I am going to put a whole post about someone else's blog. OK? If you don't like it, go over to Cosmo Catalano's Cyclocosm and watch everything obviating this whole post.

I used to write a bunch about pro cycling and mostly doping, but I got tired of it and ran out of time and lots of other people like Cosmo are doing it better. I wanted to give Cyclocosm a bit more press as I think Cosmo has of the best pro cycling coverage out there, and someone actually needs to pay him to do this, so he can escape the confines of Connecticut and move into Lance's apartment in Girona while he covers pro cycling full time. So I am sure, among my many readers, is someone who makes decisions at NBC sports and they can just go ahead and make that happen...

As classic season is upon us, there are too many races and not enough easy ways for us Murricans to see em. I, for one, am too lazy to get up to scruffle for some dodgy Belgie live feed that may or may not actually work. In fact, I timed the publication of this post to coincide with groggy eyed people waiting for their Sporza/steephill/etc feed of Gent-Wevelgem to actually work. However Cosmo has been doing a great job on race recaps of all the big races for his How The Race Was Won (HTRWW) series. See HTRWW for all the videos. I will embed my favorite one ever, due to the fact that is was a good race, a excellent recap and dude wrote his own John Techesque race score for the whole shebang:

How The Race Was Won - Paris-Roubaix 2013 from Cosmo Catalano on Vimeo.


I recommend checking out his recaps from last years Tour de France which were better, funnier, and a much, much, much, more efficient use of time than the NBCsports coverage. I also like to go back and watch old HTRWW for races right before they happen again, thus refreshing my memory of the course, the key riders and the general race feels. Also the nyuks.

His newish The week in bike Series is excellent as well, for brief sardonically transfixing recaps of what all happened in pro cycling last week. Also his tumblr is great too.

Cosmo also had a gig with Behind the Barriers TV for cross coverage last year, so there are a whole bunch of US based cross HTRWW out there. Here is me and Cosmo, a TSBC member from way back, himself at the cross natz in Boulder last year, where he was doing some race coverage production.:

Cosmo C from outer space and how the race was won.

And hey, did you know that you can order the styling caps that the scary bearded man is wearing? TSBC CAP ORDER DETAILS HERE

Finally I will leave this here with no further comment, this will feed into next Sunday's post somehow, maybe (foreshadowing):


Someone hire this dude already. Rumor has it he used to nordic ski a bit. Waiting for the HTRWW for all of the olympic nordic races please (foreshadowing)...


Tarik Saleh Bike Club Bike Cap, PREORDERS through 4/15

Update 6/3/14 Preorder window is closed. There will be some extra caps for sale. Read the below and email me at the hats@tariksaleh email address with your request and I will see if I can accommodate you. Price will be $40 per cap shipped. Mellow Velo in Santa Fe will stock some hats if you are local. If you live in Los Alamos, get with me ASAP...

TSBC hat preorders are OPEN NOW! Window closes 4/15.

There will be three types of hats available, IN ALL SIZES, all made in the USA by Randi Jo Fab:

(1) Orange wool with navy TSBC logo. Similar to last run, but more pumpkiny. This is a lightweight wool cap. $32 preorder
something like these, but a little darker orange:
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(2) Burgundy Wool caps with Navy wool earflaps, white TSBC logo. $34 preorder
something like these with tsbc logo:
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(3) Cotton crazy caps. Ed Emberleydragon/batprint on the front. Blue side and back panels with green TSBC logo, red brim. $32 preorder.
Pattern is the same in front, cap sides will be blue, cap brim will be red, logo green
Tarik Saleh Bike Club cap preorders, http://tariksaleh.com/tsbc design 3 sort of #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub #capsnothats

sizes available are as follows:

Large: 24"+
M/L: 23"-24"
M: 22-23"
S: 21-22"
I am between a 7 3/8 and 7 1/2 fitted cap and I find myself in a M with shorter hair maybe tending toward a M/L in full winter glory sasquatch hair. But measure your head. This is your chance to get a nice TSBC cap in your size. I probably won't do caps again this year. I will order a few more beyond preorders, but the price will go up a few bucks. Each cap will come with 3 TSBC pins of varying colors.

HOW TO ORDER. This is important. All pre-orders will be paid in advance. You must email me with WHICH cap you want and WHICH size you want to hats@tariksaleh.com. Use the same address for paypal payment and questions. All prices include shipping to the Continental US. Please email me if you want a cap and live outside the US. Email me if you want more than one. Comments in the blog or a facebook page or whatnot WILL NOT result in an order. You must email hats@tariksaleh.com and pay me before the order goes in April 15th. I may entertain some trades, email me at hats@tariksaleh.com...

delivery will be in mid to late May, I will update those who have ordered as things progress...


On seeing what the Moscaline - Target Salad - Tarik Saleh Bike Club is up to

Things got slow here in old Moscalineville, only because the real life has been excellent and pretty much everywhere of late. Too much time doing stuff, not enough time writing about it. But perhaps the hiatus will end shortly. Got some reviews in the queueueue as well as some crusty old race reports that I can barely remember. In the meantime if you are all into the new or older or middling media, you can foller me at:

Flickr as Target Salad

Red Squaring it September 2013

Instagram as Target Salad

Into the beyond, red rock canyon, nv

Tumblr as Target Salad

Candy Colored Skate race

I am Target Salad on Strava as well if you like such things


Last of 5 excellent days of Skate skiing.

On the Tarik Saleh Bike Club

Next batch of tsbc pins to be ferried to post office via fat bike. http://tariksaleh.com/tsbc/ #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

The Tarik Saleh Bike Club is growing wildly and it even has its own Flickr Group as well as a TSBC facebook page. I will announce a hat preorder shortly for those who need some TSBC cycling caps. Which is everyone.

Also, remember if you see me in person, you can usually join the club on the spot for free. Like Cassidy from Philly did when he stopped me in the airport:

Cassidy from Philly recognized me from the blog and said hello in PHL. New member of the Tarik Saleh Bike Club.  http://www.tariksaleh.com/tsbc/ #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

Or even if you see me in ATL and you have terrifying rock climber hands like jason

I will even let you into the club if you barely ride anymore and you have terrifying climbers hands... Regram  from @jason_halladay #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

Also, this guy is in the club too:

Some fast guy visiting from Belgium, new TSBC member.

Anyways, Hope to see you here or there or anywhere.