On seeing what the Moscaline - Target Salad - Tarik Saleh Bike Club is up to

Things got slow here in old Moscalineville, only because the real life has been excellent and pretty much everywhere of late. Too much time doing stuff, not enough time writing about it. But perhaps the hiatus will end shortly. Got some reviews in the queueueue as well as some crusty old race reports that I can barely remember. In the meantime if you are all into the new or older or middling media, you can foller me at:

Flickr as Target Salad

Red Squaring it September 2013

Instagram as Target Salad

Into the beyond, red rock canyon, nv

Tumblr as Target Salad

Candy Colored Skate race

I am Target Salad on Strava as well if you like such things


Last of 5 excellent days of Skate skiing.

On the Tarik Saleh Bike Club

Next batch of tsbc pins to be ferried to post office via fat bike. http://tariksaleh.com/tsbc/ #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

The Tarik Saleh Bike Club is growing wildly and it even has its own Flickr Group as well as a TSBC facebook page. I will announce a hat preorder shortly for those who need some TSBC cycling caps. Which is everyone.

Also, remember if you see me in person, you can usually join the club on the spot for free. Like Cassidy from Philly did when he stopped me in the airport:

Cassidy from Philly recognized me from the blog and said hello in PHL. New member of the Tarik Saleh Bike Club.  http://www.tariksaleh.com/tsbc/ #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

Or even if you see me in ATL and you have terrifying rock climber hands like jason

I will even let you into the club if you barely ride anymore and you have terrifying climbers hands... Regram  from @jason_halladay #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

Also, this guy is in the club too:

Some fast guy visiting from Belgium, new TSBC member.

Anyways, Hope to see you here or there or anywhere.

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