Hey! A blog post. Thanks for visiting via Bicycling.

Got some good reviews quequed up for the coming weeks and some other stuff. Look for new TSBC hat action in May, and possibly some TSBC rides in various cities.

Pins are indeed available and will be shipped next week.

Please root around in the blog archives for some older interesting stuff.


Andy D. said...

Congrats on your new fame! I'm proud to be a long time member who nearly always abides by both rules.

Kris Hicks-Green said...

I was, like, into Tarik before he was cool, man.

glen said...

Hey-TSBC made the latest Surly Intelligencer, too!

Tarik Saleh said...

Andy! Thanks, I think of you everytime I hop on a B cycle somewhere on my travels.

Kris, Totally!

Glen, I missed that, thanks for the heads up, I did send Surly world headquarters some pins a few years back.