Seen on my dad's bookshelf

On Dad's bookshelf

or perhaps more distinguished context


Watching the tiny bike men with Aida

A conversation with the daughter while watching the Tour De France today.
TV shows tiny bike men flying down the back side of the Tourmelet.
I am attempting to get Aida to watch the tour instead of shouting and singing louder than the TV.

Me: Aida, look at the tiny bike men racing down the hill
Aida: They are not racing!
Me: Yes, this is a bike race!
Aida: NO!
Me: What are the men doing then,
Aida: They are riding to the grocery store.
Me: Why are they riding to the grocery store?
Aida: To, um, to get tomatoes!
Me: All those riders are going to the grocery store?
Aida: Yes they need to get tomatoes!
Aida: Mad cackling

Then she ran away.

Either teaching by example really works, or Aida wants some tomatoes.