Couple of things Saturday, Bike wheels and Cyclocross...

Hey loyal reader, check it out! A couple things Saturday!

Look at this awesome OK Go video:

Inside Brilliant: The Wheel Factory from Brilliant Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

Or maybe it is just an awesome bike wheel building factory in Taiwan. Found via Spencer Wright who is an interesting dude with a really strong bike background and the co creator of the Public Radio and creator of the prepared newsletter, where I found the link to the above, and which you should subscribe to. Really.


I should have given him his own blog post, but CXHairs is just killing it with the cross videos this year, distilling world cup and other races down to 20 minutes of race coverage and analysis. Check out his coverage of the Womens world cup in Milton Keyes below, and three years worth of excellent coverage over on his website. I suggest binge watching them all with a side of whiskey and chocolate tonight, so you are ready for the world cup tomorrow and worlds next weekend. I met Bill last year at cross Vegas and he is a solid guy, he even took it well when I blurted out "I love your videos but man do I hate the music". Anyhow I still hate all the music as I am a twisted old man set in my ways (where is the Van Halen maaaannnnnnnn) but the videos and analysis more than make up for it, I love them. Videos are arranged sequentially on his Vimeo channel if you want to binge watch more efficiently, CX Hairs Vimeo