Can I ride it?

I had this bike until 04. I left it in knoxville. It came back. Thanks to levers, pullies, horse trading, bike zooistas and kindness of my buddy Jason.

Thank you Jason!

I built it up. Elena looks at it and first words out of her mouth are


"can I ride it?"

I am a lucky feller.


lemmiwinks said...

I really dig that style of frame. Don't really know why, they just look so damn cool to me.

cyclotourist said...

Words to live by!

How did you ever fit that bike?

j b said...

aero blade fork!

Chrysanthemama said...

I want one!!

Louis said...

Your next step is to leave copies of Momentum in seemingly random places around the house. Soon, you'll be asked for rack and fender upgrades to secondary bikes (and you will like it).