Few Nork!

I cracked the rigid fork on my MTB, so I got me a shiny new one. A nice fillet brazed unicrown from rick hunter. He does really nice work. I would have loved to get one of his archy forks, but I discovered the crack a mere month before the first race, so I took what he had hanging on the wall.

I have a few rides on it so far and it seems really nice. A slight bit lighter and a slight bit flexier (in the comfortable way) than my old Kelly fork. We shall see how it holds up, but so far it seems pretty great. I laced up a new front wheel for it for the upcoming season so it can ride in style.

The kelly fork bit it after 6 hard seasons of use spanning TN and NM. Lots of stupid racing and riding on it. Drink a beer in its honor...

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Jim G said...

crack photos pleaz!