Now and again

I get to a really good garage sale at the right time where deals are offered not asked for and bikes and tools are a plenty. They are few and far between around here, but we got a good one last week

small fraction of the tools I got, but the best ones

Miyata sixten and Miyata terrarunner

Alas the terrarunner was in a bit of a front end collision that buckled the top and down tubes, so my plans for killing it by winter commuting are foiled. Dammit. The six ten is in decent shape though, and the terra runner will fill some holes in the spare box. All told it was something like 24.50 for 2 bikes a blackburn windtrainer a bunch of tools and a couple of uglilicious ties.


Jerome said...

Looks like some nice scores! Garage saling is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning.

Mark Bishop said...

is that some sort of third hang brake tool thingy? Nice finds, the panniers look to be in top notch sunfaded deteriorating perfection, or maybe that is just the cell phone camera patina shining through.

John Speare said...

score-a-rooni Tarik. It's been a while since I hit like that. Lucky.

Too bad the terra runner is shanked. I found one of those a couple years back. It was huge. I helped a really tall college student build it up. Then she went away and left the bike here. Then I gave/sold/traded(?) it to a friend of mine who gave it to a woman who now rides it daily. Not sure why I think that would be interesting to you. But the terra runner is a good daily tooler-around-towner and it's a shame yours won't be able to put out for you.

Tarik Saleh said...

I think this was one of the best single scores i have had. Elena is a die hard garage sailor and I have grown to appreciate it over the years.

Yep third hand tool and epically sunfaded folding grocery paniers. Great stuff.

Yeah, it is a bummer on the terra runner, but I will persevere, I will add it to the pile of buckled lugged frames that I will fix up one day, the rack and paniers are good scores alone, the rest of the parts are pretty good too. The rims will be built up on nexus roller brake front, coaster rear as part of project get all the freaking cruisers running in 2008. So not ideal, but it will donate well...

Anonymous said...

You got a 610?

I don't know whether I should be happy for you or hate you.

My publicist says to be happy for you.
So, yay for you. I think you and the 610 will have some wonderful loaded touring and loving fenderness together.

The presence of that model at a garage sale is highly correlated to toolisciousness.