Hauling away

About two miles up a gradual hill with a nice load of split pi#&241;on that a couple of friends of mine gave me when they moved this week. It was tough going with the wide load I could not get out of the saddle due to the wobbles. I did not drop any at all.

I was able to load the bike up while it was on the Xtracycle Kickback centerstand. It worked great. It is hard to engage the centerstand with the wide loaders on, but you usually can just rest the bike propped up on the wideloader, however it is really hard to load the bike with a heavy load this way, so I am really happy the centerstand is so burly and handled the loading with aplomb. That was a hell of a sentence.

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Hugh, (Cork, Ireland) said...

OMG!!! You are the MAN my friend!!!

Somebody using a bike to haul timber - I love it!!!
I keep on racking my brains to find something I could put on behind my bike to small loads like this (instead of using the car for everything)...but here in Ireland, havent' found anything. We really are behind in stuff like this. I had to bring back a Burley Piccolo tag-along from Minnesota so myself and my son could go biking togeher.
But nothing like a wide bike trailer or anything of the sort here. Guess I'll just have to bring that back with me next time I'm over in your fair country!
But you my friend, with your wide-load carrier, 'thing' are the kiddie!!!
Well done, yet again!!!