Summertime sipping

Summertime drink

Finally found a source for paper straws, cheap but for shipping.


Marrock said...

You know, somehow you get drunk faster drinking beer through a straw.

Not sure how that works but from all I've witnessed it appears to be true.

Chrysanthemama said...

As I mindfully disposed of yet another plastic straw yesterday, thanks to my straw-crazy kiddos and their eager to please mama (me) I was seriously pondering the conundrum of plastic straws and their lack of eco-friendly status that is largely not talked about about amongst coffee sippers and "green" moms alike.

Thanks for the link...!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to meet Jill in Antelope Wells with a baggie of burritos? I think she may have even earned a quick trip around the block on one of your fancy purple Schwinns!

Paper straws--wow, that takes me back a "few" years...good find!


Michael Lemberger said...

Keep it up and you and that kid will have matching bellies.