Video linkage

I almost linked to this when it came out earlier in the year, but I decided not to as EVERYONE linked to it. But I just got an email from a pal asking if I had seen it. Yep I said, I sure have, but boy do I not ever get tired of watching this. And on the off chance you, dear reader, have never heard of Danny MacAskill, you are in for a treat.

I have had conversations with many non cyclist people who find out I ride bikes incessantly that go as follows:
oh you bike, eh? Have you seen that video of that guy in the city jumping things?
I have. But it is not fair saying we both ride a bicycle, he and I don't occupy the same universe. I can't even process some of the stuff he does in the video.

Watch and enjoy if you haven't before, or watch again and again:

For the non-cyclists who read the blog here is what I can do that is shown in the video:
1. Stand in place with my bike between me
2: Ride forward in a straight line.
That is about it, I can fall too, but not like he can, not without dying. Thankfully I am old enough to be satisfied with replicating only those skilz.

I bet you thought I was going to link to performance, no?


Antoine said...

I've got most of those moves down avoiding cars on the way to work each day on the Pugsley.

What I don't get about these "extreme" bike and unicycle riders is if you are doing those moves day-in, day-out, surely you must get the odd one slightly wrong and really nail yourself? If some of those landings went wrong I envisage a lot of broken bones and destroyed joints.

Tarik Saleh said...

Oh, yeah, I mean I can't do these moves on my regular mountain bike, but I can do almost all of them on the big dummy.

I suspect these folks have alot of scar tissue that I don't have.