Saturday Video Fun

Everyone and their uncle has linked to one of these videos or another, but has anyone linked to them both in the same post? At moscaline we go the extra step for blog gold.

Dock Ellis and the no-hitter on acid:

I have no problem with McGuire and Bonds in the hall of fame, despite their drug use, but maybe the veterans committee can elect Dock Ellis so there is there is no question that drugs have been a part of MLB for a long time.

Anyhow, in a completely unrelated note, can I wear tight jeans while racing?

Actually if those guys race a single race this year, they will race more cross than me thus far this year. This may be the second year in the last 14 where I skip cross season, we shall see...

Finally, everyone in the world has seen the Danny MacAskill video right? Here is him selling out to the man. Good for him:

I hope he sleeps in piles of money.


OmarSaleh said...

wait, did you create that xtranormal video, or just link to it? Do I understand that it is possible to create such awesomeness just be entering dialog at the website?

Tarik Saleh said...

I linked to it, I added a source link to alleviate such confusion. I know nothing about the technology of text to movie, but I understand it is the next big thing and we should get into it now while it is still underground.

cyclotourist said...

I soooooo wanted to see him land one on the roof of that Golf Estate/Jetta Wagon. Because it's the next big thing and like a no-no on acid.

Andrew said...

How do you have time for this?

Tarik Saleh said...


I agree, why he does not land on the roof of the car is beyond me. It seems like he should request things like that in his contract. I suspect he is well underpaid for the incredible skills he has though, so maybe he is not powerful enough yet.

Uh, all the time I save by not having time to race?