New TSBC pins - Vegas

Hey! New pins!

New Tarik Saleh Bike Club pins. Pink, holo, white, glow. Catch me at Cross Vegas or underbike for some or pay pal me $7 for the fourpak shipped to you in the US.  Tariksaleh.com/tsbc #tsbc #tariksalehbikeclub

Four packs of a pink, glow in the dark, hologram sparkle and white pins are available for purchase.
Check it at http://tariksaleh.com/tsbc/

I am also lurking on the periphery of interbike this week, if you see me at underbike or cross vegas and ask nicely I will give you some. Or trade you some, or something.

Speaking of Vegas. I really like going out to red rocks. I have done two rides out there and one run. Weather ranged from 100F and brutal, to raining and kind of chilly to a sparkling cool morning run. Photogenic too.

In the shimmering heat
Mars. I think...

Sunday in the storms
Fixie Friday at the Red Rock Canyon Overlook

Another sunday storm view
Fixie Friday at the High overlook in Red Rock Canyon

After the storm passed Sunday night
Just outside Red Rock Canyon

Full moon set this morning.
Morning moonset at Red Rocks


Doug M. said...

I have no interest in Las Vegas, but just outside of Vegas seems really awesome!

Tarik Saleh said...

I don't particularly enjoy anything about the Strip area. But find myself out here for meetings more often than I would have guessed. Heading out to Red Rocks has been a bit of a salvation in terms of allowing me to enjoy these trips more. The downside is that it is a 30-45 minute drive out there depending on where you stay and traffic.

mindful mule said...

I wore my TSBC cap and pin riding in Joshua Tree last weekend - love that place! - not a vastly different look from these photos outside Vegas. Thanks!