Wink256 is my co-pilot

After seeing the Kitty Adventures journal by artist Seonna Hong I was inspired:

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Inspired to make one of Elena's many cats as my co-pilot. After multiple attempts it seemed that Wink256, my best feline friend and archnemisis, was the only one who had the guts to do what it took. Here I am, calming the fat one before the ride:

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Now on and about the yard we go:

click for magnificent losalamooosan landscape with barn, tree and ski hill.

All safe and sound on return?:

Aye aye captain!:

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Now all I have to do is rig up some sort of feline sidehack and, of course, an appropriate cat helmet and we are good to go.

The cat conveyence device is my Raleigh twenty.


Jim G said...

is that a swobo wool cap?

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that he/she is so patient! On another note (well, still bikes), check out this bike that Matt's roommate saw in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

There used to be a cyclist on the Burke Gilman trail near Redmond, WA who had her cat with her on the bike every day.

Apparently the trick is taking it on bike rides from about 4 weeks old when it is too young to know that it should complain (then be nice and bring it back to it's mama).


Amy said...

Too Funny
I don't think kitty Polenta would be up for this though Bob and I have talked about it. There are an amazing amount of people that have their dogs on their bikes or in Burley Trailers at the tandem rally - why not a cat?
A few years ago I saw an article on a motorcycling cat - they had glued astro turf on the tank so it could hang on and yes it had its own helmet and jacket.

Anonymous said...

there was/is a hippie guy in Santa Cruz who would ride around downtown with a cat curled up in his handlebar basket. friends of mine claimed it wasn't always the same cat, so i guess he had the training down pat.