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Niels Bohr grew up absorbed in the natural history lessons taught by his biologist father and by various teachers and tutors, yet he was also interested in clocks and he became an accomplished bicycle mechanic.
Mark Fiege The Atomic Scientists, the Sense of Wonder, and the Bomb, Red Orbit,(redorbit.com), 9/6/2007.

Kind of an odd article, a bit forced, but no foolin? Niels Bohr bicycle mechanic?

Some diligence reveals the following:

click for e-source, from the book Cultures of Creativity: The Centennial Exhibition of the Nobel Prize.

Sweet! Neils Bohr cyclocross master!

I am so over Einstein on a bicycle, give me Niels Bohr master cyclecraftsman and besuited-crypto-cyclocrosser.

Or give me the curies tearing about the countryside on their safetybikes:

click for source

I reread the excellent graphic novel biography of Niels Bohr:Suspended In Language : Niels Bohr's Life, Discoveries, And The Century He Shaped, but no explicit mention of bicycles. A few drawings of him riding or pushing a bike, but mostly physics and the rest of his interesting life.

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