Moscaline Advertising and Review Policy

Boring post, but I need to actually write this down as I keep getting emails from people asking these questions. I added this link and my contact info on the sidebar if you have questions.

Review Policy:
Most of the reviews on this blog are based on things I bought with my own money. Things that are provided to me for review are noted as such in the review. You can send me things and I will happily review them. In this case you pay for shipping to me and return shipping if you want said thing back. I will review many things, but not everything, so please contact me before you send me anything to see if it is a good fit. To see what I have previously reviewed see here. I will not review anything that I have not tried. I occasionally will solicit items for review, but not often. I will not post a review that you or your marketing department wrote. Not even if you pay me. I will show you my review after I post it, you can make comments/clarification/responses to the review if you wish and I may include edited versions as updates to the review.

Some frequently asked questions (really these were all asked more than once):
Q. Can I write a review for you and then you post it in your blog?
A. No.
Q. What if I pay you 10 dollars for you to post the review?
A. No.
Q. Can you write a review of this new (thing)? here is the website: blahblop.com
A. No. I will not write reviews of things I have not tried.
Q. You want to link trade?
A. Probably not if you are a business, I bet your website has nothing to do with mine. Ask me about my advertising rates, see below:

Advertising policy:
Moscaline will accept select advertising that meets our internal standards of what we like to see. Please contact me for rates and sizes. My readership is small yet fierce, my rates are higher than you think, so please be serious before you contact me.

Sponsorship policy:
I have sponsors for racing. If you feel that you want to be part of the moscaline experience or Team Tarik Racing, please contact me. Race sponsors will get advertising space on the blog in most cases. Team Tarik Racing is currently a one man team that competes in many types of endurance racing, ranging from all types of bike racing, running, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and probably some other things that I have not tried yet. I occasionally win things, but if your sponsorship value is gathered solely in podium placing, look elsewhere.

Contact info is on the blog sidebar. All policies are mutable at my whim, but should be updated here. I reserve the right to change any policy at any time.

Thanks for your interest.


Jason T. Nunemaker said...

Great and Powerful Mos...

I needs me one of them Advertising and Review Policies over at my storehouse of Blog Pyrite, and yours looks pretty darn good/complete.

Would you be offended if I flagrantly lifted large chunks of it for my own nefarious purposes? I would, of course, give credit to you for the thefted material.

Your obedient blogservant,
Jason "Too Lazy To Write My Own Policies" Nunemaker, in snow-crusted Des Moines, IA

Tarik Saleh said...


No problem, just site/linkback and steal away. Congrats on your advertisement and nice blog redesign by the way.

I mostly just get weird and cheap and sometimes insultingly unethical marketing requests that I need some boilerplate to direct them as to why their proposal won;t work to keep me from having to type it up repeatedly.

Glad at least one person enjoyed the post

Tarik Saleh said...

Uh that should have been "cite" can I really not edit comments on my own damn blog?