Society of Three Speeds!

As the founder of a prominent bicycle club, I appreciate chances to join other clubs. I am pleased to have received this excellent membership package in the mail last week from my internet pal, three speed connoisseur, purveyor of fine comics, good handwriting and all around funky/bohemianism, Shawn Granton:

Society of three speeds

Society of Three Speeds!
There are rules and such, but they are non-onerous if you are fan of three speed bikes:

  1. I will endeavor to promote three speeds as a viable means of transportation.
  2. I will not denigrate three speed bicycles and will not allow others to disparage these humble bicycles.
  3. I will ride my three speed bicycle with pride and immense enjoyment. If I have not yet procured a three speed bicycle, I will do my best to obtain one posthaste.

I heartily recommend joining for the attractive membership package including pins and frame stickers, as well as for the general support of three speed style bicycling. Memberships appear to be currently discounted, so join quick if you are soinclined. If you happen to live in Portland, Shawn organizes many a three speed ride. More info on the Society of Three Speeds website, Shawn also blogs at Urban Adventure League which gets the Moscaline seal of approval.

Part of the reason I started the Tarik Saleh Bike Club was so I could have something to trade with other bike clubs. So let me know if you want to trade some TSBC pins for your bike club stuff. We are truly living in the golden age of bicycle clubs.


Anonymous said...

Darn, wish I had a 3 speed.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, one day we will have a fine coffee table book entitled "The Golden Age of Bicycle Clubs", and posters and pins will be pictured within, amidst a portrait of your moustached face and a drawing of Shawn riding a three speed bicycle in tweed.

I'm member #18, welcome to the club.


adventure! said...

Selfpropelledlifestyle- There is always room in the stable for a three speed. However, I see that you own a Rivendell, and it is not certain whether ownership of a three speed will affect status in the Grant Petersen Club.