Vehicular Hawaii

Went off to Hawaii for a bit for some belated anniversary fun with Elena. Saw some bikes and other vehicles and other stuff. For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos with italicized commentary.

Fastest Rack in the west
Fast standing still

Curbside Board Check, Waikiki
Curbside board check, Waikiki

Fat bike fever crosses over to the segway set.
Pugsloid Segway tires.

Sweet lockbox on a trike parked on the streets of Waikiki
Nice lockbox on the torker  trike

Coach had some frame bags, hilariously awesome
Coach bike bags. The little frame bag was kind of cool, but they didn't like me taking photos.

Wicked Skidouts
Language of wicked skid outs past

All sorts of good aspect ratios Pleasing aspect ratios

Totally got the upgrade
Scored us the upgrade rental

Cool airport vehicles
Boss airport vehicles

Walmart Thruster Fixies are everywhere, this one with the requisite backwards fork

Superfantastic robot time on the volcano
Everyone! Robot!

V-Dub badonkadonk

Vaya con Dios said Elena as I paddled into the heavy surf

Old Light

Five years, five long years, she said

These guys pretty much ran Kauai

rest of the pics


Andy D. said...

Congrats on five years. Coincidentally, we also went to Kauai for our fifth anniversary, 14 years ago. We also got the upgrade, but your Mustang beats our Pontiac Sunfire. Nice to see the roosters are still running the place.

nordic_68 said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who appreciates airport utility vehicles and old hanging street light fixtures.

Congrats on the anniversary TS!

Desert Dirt said...

Yo that Coach setup is where it's at, in particular the leather option in a climate like Hawaii's. Get some.