14th day of chinese bikes, first day of bananas

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Banana bike in Lijann. Very typical newer cargo bike in this area, maybe the source tomorrow.

and another nice shot of the beautiful town of lijanng with bikes and rooflines:

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The bike above has a neat woven rear basket that are made out of the reeds of the new millenium, plastic strips. I am not sure what they come from, but they are woven baskets made out of stiff plastic. People used them as bike baskets, back packs, child carriers and I even saw them being used as backpacks to haul bricks to and rubble away from construction sites. Man, that was a rough job. Sturdy women with a large backpack basket filled with bricks that were loaded ungently from a truck. They would then carry the bricks to the construction site, often up to the second level and then fill up with the rubble of the former building and return. Manual labor was cheap and brutal.

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