On the Fifth Day of Chinese Bikes Tarik Brought to Me...

Greeen crapped out cargobike:

Click for big.

Ok, much more typical cargo bike than yesterday. The bike is not much of a rider, more like a tricycle wheelbarrow. Note:
Headset sitting loose in the head tube (very common even on riders, headests held on by the threads on the fork, not the pressed in cups)

Pedals are spindles

Front wheel basically rubbing on the fork.

What I think are the springer fork reinforcements, just hanging there attached to nothing.

I recall checking to see that the rear hand brake was attached and seeing it end in nothing under the rear wheels.

Blah blah blah, anyone still reading? Any requests? I have one more similar cargo bike from Cheng Du and then will go through vendor bikes, delivery bikes, street scenes and some more typical riders, ralleighoids and more "modern" bikes.

Later Potaters

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