Day three chinese bikes

Propane hauler

Click for big.

Here we go, rear rack set up to carry four or more propane tanks. They are held on by simple hooks and just lift off for quick delivery. The delivery man rode up with three and picked up two and ran inside, faster than the speed of my camera. Again, typical raleighoid dealy, with custom rear rack, beat saddle and linkage brake which might sort of stop the bike loaded.

In the big pic, note the rider passing by on a typical raleighoid commuter. With front basket and rear rack basket. Full chain case is/was stock on these bikes. many older/working bike have lost their chain case. Typically the cheesy rubber block pedals bend and are replaced with cheezier $1 US versions or are left as bent precessing spindles. Linkage brakes are often repaired with spokes, hammers and pliers. The masses ride sub 10 mph, by riding 15 mph I could easily outdistance everyone including most of the battery mopeds.

Check the Pollution mask as well, coal is king and it really is nasty between the crappy cars and coal fires, etc. etc. etc. The sun rarely shines in chengdu it seemed. Probably not a SARS bird flu mask. Also barely visible rider is wearing little slip on ear covers, for warmth.

Most big roads in Chengdu have divided bike lanes in each direction with fairly large dividers as seen here. This does not mean taxis will not zip in and out of them to drop off fares and go around traffic jams. They are nominally one way, but many people ignore this on their bikes.

Maybe some cargo bikes on friday.

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