Beards and Babies

For as long as I have lived in cold places (boston and NM, Knoxie and Berkeley don't count) I have grown a beard-like object when the winter has come. It is really not so much the warmth of the face hair, but more of the not shaving and suffering wind/coldburn on top of razorburn when you are running and biking in the elements. In my XC and track running college days in boston I would grow a scraggly goatee every january when we had a month off from classes and all I did was run and sleep. Now that I am slightly more aged, I can actually grow a full beard and now I routinely scare the crap out of babies, children and puppies. Ah well, I can now put a check mark next to "scares small children" on my lifetime to do list.

Speaking of babies, my brother and sister-and-law are proud parents of a little girl as of this week. I am uncle. I am also really happy and excited about this.

As I have not catposted in a bit, here is my own personal lazy sunday pic:
Me, the sweater I probably will elect to be buried in, my beard, the paper, coffee and Wink256 getting his scratch on. Click for big.

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Jim G said...

yo, nice (B) sweater! congrats on uncle-dom! ride bike! ;)