Die with a T

Good lord:

Click the photo for the source. 33 pound cat in China. Crap. Be sure to check out the slideshow and video accompanying the article.

This hits too close to home, now I know EXACTLY what Wink256 would look like with 13 extra pounds tacked on.

Recall the following comparison of Wink256 and friends:

I have been trying, very unsuccessfully, to train Wink256 to walk on a harness so I can take him out at night for a brisk walk and not have him eaten by coyotes. Anyone have any ideas on how to leash train a fat cat? He's a weighing in at a 20 poundsa. He pretty much flops down and more or less refuses to move when the harness is put on him, he is also amazingly good a wriggling out of the harness.

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