A few more recommendation for the day

I did go and see Brokeback Mountainlast week and found it incredibly moving. It is a very good love story, schmaltz free even. It is very beautifully shot, the acting was excellent, and prety much everything was really well done. Heath Ledger was spectacular, and despite my Donnie Darkobased aversion to Jake Gyllenhaal, he also was extremely convincing in his role.

Given the "controversy" this movie has caused, I was expecting to be disappointed. I was expecting something a bit more flashy and cheezy as I thought Ang Lee would have gone for a return to the impressive, but maybe not all that satisfying style of his last success, Crouching Tiger blahblah blahgon. But no, this was good all around. I hope it makes a bazillion dollars and shuts up certain moronic knee jerk reactionary pundits.

One of the first things I did with the incredibly useful and excellent Complete New Yorkerwas to read the original Anne Proulx story. For me the short story flowed nicely but was not nearly as powerful or as interesting as the movie. Much of the dialog and scenes were lifted verbatim from the story, but the screenwriters and Ang Lee did an admirable job fleshing it out a bit. So there, I wrote a bit more than I wanted to , but the summary here is great love story, go see it, unless you can't handle it, then do not, sheesh.

Some other interesting love between men movies to check out:

Hollentour, nice bike documentary, lots of love, see more here
I Heart Huckabeesnicely paced movie, Marky Mark and Jason Schwartzman, unlikely pair? Hardly, deeply in love by the final scene.
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou so much love here, it is hard to know where to start, not quite up to Wes Anderson's previous movies, but damn good. Great soundtracktoo, especially if you like Bowie, in portuguese.

Wow wow, love, now go ride your bike and kiss your special friend or something.

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