Fourth Day of Chinese Bikes

Ok enough with the raleghoids for a tiny bit, cargo bikes:

Click for big.

This is an older style cargo trike that was very common in Chengdu. The front triangle has an elegant wavy toptube with a wavy upsidedown U for Chuck Norris like strength. Usually there was a linkage brake on the front wheel and a down tube mounted hand brake for the rear of the bike. Although crappy plastic brooms were everywhere, some of the maintnance workers/gardners still used these nice bamboo and straw brooms, sweeping into dustpans and transferring trash into huge woven baskets.

This bike is in pretty good shape and was a rider, I will show youse a closer view of a more typical cargo bike on campus Saturday.

The picture again is on campus of Sichuan University in Chengdu. copyright me.

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