Last year at this point there were feet of snow in the hills above Los Alamos with town going through its usual snow-thaw cycle. This year we have had maybe three inches total in town and not much more than a permanent dusting on the shady sides of the mountains. I did a canyon-perimeter trail loop on my MTB yesterday and it was one of my faster times on the backwards loop ever. Last year at this time it was faster to run it as there were many places on the trail that were glare ice and most of the steep bits were unrideable for the snow and ice. This year there was the merest hints of ice in the dark recesses of perimeter trail and it was a bit dusty, but otherwise fast and traction was great. It was in the mid forties with the temp dropping a bit toward dusk with a nasty wind that made it perfect to be off road.

I bought some really nice nokian studded MTB tires from a friend in colorado with visions of snowy commutes and icy MTB loops this winter, but no dice whatsoever. Kind of a bummer for the xc skiing and the drought but hopefully we will get some salvation before spring arrives in earnest.

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Mark Bishop said...

Keep them studs and you can do this. Maybe you can even race this guy. Or maybe you can get them to freeze the CO Springs Velodrome. Think of all the possibilities......