2006 tour prediction

Racing started this week in Dubai, so I just had to get this out there. In a scene eerily reminiscent of The Yellow Jersey Vino, Ulrich, Kloden and Basso all fail drug tests (for a previously untestable EPO variation, made on the sly by a disgruntled Amgen employee) on the last timetrial leaving Hincapie, sitting in a distant fourth after getting dropped in the high alps, firmly in yellow. Floyd Landis takes second and Levi Leipheimer looses the third podium position on the last day when Damiano Cunego and the crooked riding Mancebo escape on the Champs and time trial to dump Liepheimer to fifth. Boonen rides to the green by winning every flat stage in the race with Zabel just behind him in every stage and the Chicken bonks wearing the polkadots on the second day in the pyrennies leaving the polkadot jersey to Leipheimer. The gerlosteiner colors meshed with the polkadot jersey leave most of europe blind.

If you are looking for good cycling reading, The Rider and The Yellow Jersey are hard to beat for racing derived literature.

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