Corsica Bikes

Ajaccio is the largest city in corsica, as such it was rife with not only tourist places, but old man bars and coffee shops, boulangeries galore and other signs of a local population. I was hoping this meant that there would be lots of interesting bikes to look at. Sadly no. Most of the few visible commuters were riding crappy mountain bikes. There was a healthy roadie scene with a fair bit of vintage steel extant and a high end bike shop as well. Corsica is a mountainous riding paradise. The roads are twisty and go from sea level up to thousands of feet and apparently great MTB exists as well.

I only saw a few classic french city bikes, all mixties, most with nice rear panniers, most motobecanes with a few peugots thrown in for good measure.

Here is the best one I got on film:

Nice leather panniers and bonus points for riding with your kid.

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