On neck harnesses and tinned kit

The Race Across America is a silly race. Until they have
self supported division (see the great divide race)I am mostly ambivalent. Although, sometimes they come up some pretty good solutions to the problems created by riding 23 hours a day for 8 days straight:

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Being unable to look up because your neck muscles gave out is a common enough problem during the RAAM to have a name, "Shermer's Neck" after the unfortunate progenitor of the condition many years ago. I think they usually "solve" it with mirrors so the rider can look down but see the road ahead, but this is a pretty good solution for the "elaborate system of levers and pulleys" crowd.

Also interesting about the web are Neill Currie's tool kits:

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Check out his altoid tin tool kit and his touring kit. Good stuff and a good starting point for figgering what tools you might want to be carrying on a daily, weekly or monthly basis...

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