My new french german porteur

updated 6/26/07 to fix inconsistencies pointed out by my brother in the comments

I admit it, I was unable to resist. While in France I had to buy yet another bike. Here is my new French Deutsche Post Porteur:

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Alas it is a bit too small for me:

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Fortunately it came with a few riders to make the deliveries

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I call them Chad and Jill:

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They like to cut loose after work after a few too many carafe's of vino steins of bier. Oh so wacky, Chad and Jill:

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Jill said...

Sweet! I'm so honored. She's like me, only her job is heck-of-cooler! And a yellow bike that can carry a lot of mail -- It reminds me of the Kogswell that Chad wanted to buy me but that I stupidly said I didn't need.

Chad said...

I love the last pic. I just need a fancy front rack, and we can recreate that photo in real life :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, you got conned by Chad and Jill- they are clearly German. That symbol on the basket, box, hat, uniform, etc., is the logo for the German postal service. Check it out:

Tarik Saleh said...

Chad and Jill: when I get a Kog you can come by and recreate the pics. I really believe they are dead ringers for youse.

Brother: damn you are right, what were the sneaky Deutsche post doing in the French airport gift shop, I fixed the post...

Anonymous said...

The Danes take this seriously as well


I even saw a few mailbikes in Copenhagen with wheeled outriggers to support the front basket.

bmike said...

laughing. very, very, nice.
now you can go onto some online forums and argue that steel is real but plastic is where its at on the beer drinking funometer. those fixie hipster kids got it all wrong!