Play Structure Hauling

My neighbor around the block, and fellow bike nut, Albert has a daughter a few years older than Aida who outgrew her awesome play structure. He offered it to us and after a visit to see how nice it was, I spent three hours overhauling the big dummy (taking off the studded tires, putting on a new chain, new disc brake pads etc) and then saddled up the big dummy and returned with three loads of play house and slides and such. Thanks Albert and family!

First Load:
First load

Unwieldy when off the bike:

Second Load, the most aesthetically pleasing one:
Second Load

Aida tries out the piece parts:
Aida tests out the slide

Third and final load with bonus cat:
Ozmium Stretches

Riding with that third load;

It is pretty big put together:
Moving the slide

Aida likes it!:
She likes it

Three trips, probably quarter mile each way for a mile and a half of work. It is good to be riding the big dummy again with a chain that shifts, brakes that work and smooth tires. It is also good to have friends like Albert. thanks again pal.


Jin Aili said...

sweet. we need friends/ neighbors like that!

Julia Posey said...

Much respect, dude. That's a major haul. Dad props all around.

Margo said...

you recycled and you didn't use any fossil fuels to transport it...that = a hero, esp right now.
Your daughter is beautiful, too.

Tarik Saleh said...

They are out there, probably, you will learn that you will give away expensive baby stuff just to get it out of the house.


Thanks, Wait to you see tomorrows post. Much heavier.

Thank you, we try hard, but it is tough here in the land of everything is really far away. I think I have driven to work less than 10 times total since 2006, so I got that part covered. I should bring Aida by your shop sometime, she would love to put her hand in a mill or touch a torch...

ALBERT said...

most welcome. i'm sure when aida tires of it, it will finds its way to another kid. i'm a great believer in "pay it forward". if we could all practice it, the world would be a better place.