Team Tarik Racing Presented By! Paul Component Engineering!

29'er groupetto

The second major sponsor of Team Tarik Racing is Paul Component Engineering. Paul has been a long time Tarik supporter via supporting grass roots racing at Kelly bike and giving starving grad students/ frame shop employees good deals on hubs at interbike. I think I got my first Paul hub in 1996 that I still ride on the single speed cross bike.
1996 word hub:
1996ish Paul WORD hub

Over the intervening years I have worked my way up to 10 Paul single speed hubs over the single speed cross bike, single speed 26" mtb and the impending single speed 29er. Plus at least two bikes with paul canti brakes and the paul flat bed on the kogswell PR. The hubs are great, the brakes are wonders. Paul and his crew helped on my purchase of full on Paul singlespeed grupetto for the new bike, as seen at the top of the post.

Pauls Component Engineering will also be covering my head for the racing season ahead.

or maybe more like this:
Pre-race Smirky mc Smirk Smirk

I guess it depends on the race.

Paul is one of them good ones in the bike industry. Swell guy, one of the rare real engineers in the industry, and nice parts.
Thanks Paul.


30 Cent Bike said...

So much style, eat your heart out, rapha posers!

Anonymous said...

Schweet!!! I was on a team that was sponsored by Paul years ago ~ 1996ish. Love the stuff, I think it is very sexy...